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    Jessika Munnell


    Jessika Munnell brings passion and personality to Barre Body, the fitness studio she created.
    Jessika graduated from the Western Washington University (USA) with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, and a minor in Sports Science…….

  • marize table mtn

    Marize Flax


    Marize Flax is a professional dancer trained in ballet, contemporary, modern jazz, Latin and Spanish. She studied and qualified at UCT Ballet School and also qualified as a modern jazz and solo Latina dance teacher……..

  • zora 4

    Zora Sandenbergh


    My love and passion for living an active lifestyle has lead be to become a BARRE BODY instructor. BARRE BODY has transformed my body, soul and mind……..

  • elisabeth 2

    Elisabeth Jengo


    The Barre philosophy has become an essential and passionate part of her life leading Elisabeth to become a Barre Body Instructor as a way to enhance her individual training as well as allowing her to share and inspire others to practice a healthy lifestyle…….

  • kate

    Kate Lagan


    Kate discovered Barre Body over a year ago and loved it from the very first class. Having pursued Hatha yoga studies in India in 2007, she has always had an interest in physical health and well-being. Being a keen runner, she has found that the elements of strength training provided from Barre classes have kept […]

  • PicsArt_1408883869182

    Karen Shean


    Karen grew up in Canada and moved to Cape Town as a teenager. She studied fashion design and discovered Barre Body a year ago and fell in love. An avid running and pole dancer, she finds that Barre Body gives her the strength to pursue her hobbies and brings balance all round into her life.

  • V4

    Vanessa Ascencao


    Vanessa is a nutritional consultant who holds a Master’s of Science in Nutrition, a B.Com in Marketing, and consults to top local and international health and natural food companies. She is currently studying Functional medicine and is Marketing Director for Coyne healthcare. She brings a fresh and revolutionary approach to health, wellness and personal […]

  • Q

    Q Hinrichsen


    “Barre Body captures the essence of beauty; fiercely strong and graceful” Q is an professional architect. She has an affinity and admiration for beauty of place, mind, body and spirit. She graduated from the University of Cape Town and has since endeavoured to further her love for architecture in design and place-making. She enjoys Arts & […]

  • FullSizeRender

    Katherine Gray


    Having always enjoyed music, sports and the performing arts, Katherine was immediately drawn to Barre Body and the atmosphere of community, positive energy and empowerment it fosters. By immersing herself in Barre Body as both a student and instructor, Katherine has found the perfect complement to her professional life in the luxury goods and events […]

  • ash headshot

    Ash Iovino


    For as long as she can remember, Ash has always been drawn to health and fitness. She studied a commerce degree at the University of Cape Town and this is where her love for road running really transpired. She started doing half marathons which lead to full and ultra marathons and then the Comrades marathon […]

  • chantel-seated-small

    Chantel van der Westhuizen

    Co-owner Rivonia

    Chantel is a Pilates instructor and owner of her own very successful Pilates studio. She opened Pure Motion Studios, and has been operating the business since June 2009. Chantel’s enthusiasm for all things physical is infectious, and well balanced by her extensive knowledge of the body. She is the co-owner of Barre Body Rivonia and […]

  • bb

    Bianca Botha


    From the early age of 4 I started ballet classes which ignited my passion for dance. Through the years I have practiced many forms of dance; modern, tap, ballroom and contemporary as well as exploring rowing, trail running, spinning and gymming. Staying physically active keeps me positive, enthusiastic and energized. Exercise is such an essential […]

  • ML

    Melanie Loser


    Art, animals, architecture and Barre Growing up in the small town of Empangeni in Kwazulu Natal outside of large cities, I have always been surrounded by wildlife which is one of my passions along with architecture, art and now…Barre Body. I have been a dancer since the age of 3 and I remember my first […]

  • ks

    Kaylan Sabbadin


    I started dancing when I was 4 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I trained in tap, ballet, contemporary, jazz and many other styles. I also started music ,drama and singing … throughout my school life. I was constantly busy and stretched beyond and extremely active. I tried almost every school sport and from that […]

  • LS

    Liesel Swanepoel


    Dancing has been my absolute passion my entire life. I grew up dancing competing in athletics and playing hockey, I would never sit still. After school I followed my passion and went to go study dancing full time completing my 4 year course at the Waterfront Theatre School of Performing Arts. I majored in Modern […]

  • IMG_9360

    Mbali Nene


    I’m a free spirited individual with unconditional love for fitness-training, fashion and dance. I’m driven by my passion for healthy living and love to inspire others to be the best that they can be.

  • MT

    Michelle Taylor


    My name is Michelle and my philosophy in life is balance! Maintaining a healthy body = a healthy state of mind. I share my passion across many forms of exercise and I’m always looking to raise the “Barre”! From a very early age I have been an avid sports enthusiast being drawn to most activities […]

  • jvz

    Jessica Van Zyl


    Jessica is a qualified skincare therapist and fitness freak. My love for trying everything new and leading a active lifestyle introduced me to Barre Body and I have had a passion for it ever since. I am a keen runner and cyclist and have done a few half marathons and cycle races but nothing beats the feeling […]

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