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  • No Label Diet


    It may come as no surprise — fad diets don’t work. Cutting out one macronutrient or another, or limiting yourself to only eating this or that food is a short-term solution that will have you losing hair faster than you lose weight. In fact, the sad irony is that diets are a top predictor of […]

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  • Commercial Salad Dressings’ Risks


    Commercial salad dressings are a staple in many pantries. This comes as no surprise as its being readily available in the market makes eating fresh salad vegetables convenient and even delightful. However, once you get to know the smorgasbord of chemical additives and preservatives these mass produced products contain, you’ll definitely want to rule them […]

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  • Recommended fueling for optimal health and performance


    Recommended fueling for optimal health and performance Training For most of your training sessions you should not use sports nutrition. Instead drink plain water and eat real food. The sports nutrition industry have conned the general public into believing that we are under-hydrated and that we need sugar at the first sign of sweat. This […]

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  • Prebiotics


    All BARRE BODY Superfood Shakes now contain Prebiotics. This article explains why prebiotics are so important. Prebiotics for weight loss and improved immune function Scientists have discovered a type of gut bacteria that could protect against obesity and help treat type 2 diabetes. This breakthrough suggests foods that stimulate the production of the bacteria in the […]

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  • Our Carb Addiction?


    This is an interesting radio interview that looks at the addictive nature of processed carbs. If you struggle with weight control then it is likely that you eat too many processed carbs – that is why we suggest completely eliminating bread, pasta, cereals, fruit juices, soft drinks and all added sugar. For many people these […]

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  • Superfood shake ideas

    green smoothie

    The beauty of the Barre Body shakes is that they contain the perfect mix of superfoods in one package. It is so easy to add a scoop or two to a blender with water or a milk alternative like almond milk, and a banana or frozen berries. Blend and enjoy a perfectly balanced meal in […]

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  • Don’t take your vitamins

    vitamins 3

    This article appeared in the New York Times and we wholeheartedly agree with the content. Get you vitamins and minerals from real foods like fruit, vegetables and barre body shakes and not from pills. The exceptions being vitamin D, if you don’t get a daily dose of sun, fish oil and B12 if you are a vegan. >>> PHILADELPHIA — LAST month, […]

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  • Apple Cider


    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what about apple cider vinegar? On your favorite health blogs you’ve probably heard a lot about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. This raw, unfiltered vinegar usually made from organic apples gets a lot of press—advocates claim it can cure everything from athlete’s foot to […]

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  • Sugar is Ageing


    Excess processed sugar in your diet, even in small amounts can cause dark circles, wrinkles, dehydrate skin and can fast track the aging process. Sugar is in just about everything we eat, from natural sugars in foods like fruit and vegetables to added sugars in processed foods including soft drinks, cakes and biscuits. In America, […]

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  • Dirty Dozen


    The Dirty Dozen. Whether you are on a budget and need to prioritize your organic purchases, or you would simply like to know which type of produce has the highest pesticide residues—and which do not—the following guide from the Environmental Working Group will help. 12 Most Contaminated Peaches Apples Sweet Bell Peppers Celery Nectarines Strawberries […]

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