No Label Diet

It may come as no surprise — fad diets don’t work. Cutting out one macronutrient or another, or limiting yourself to only eating this or that food is a short-term solution that will have you losing hair faster than you lose weight. In fact, the sad irony is that diets are a top predictor of future weight gain. We’re anti-diet. So anytime you hear the word “diet” from us, know we’re talking about the verb form — “a way of eating.”

Our way is simple – don’t eat stuff with any artificial ingredients, processed fake foods or inflammatory foods like grains or refined sugar.  Once we get rid of the inflammatory addictive foods our bodies start telling us what we need. So what are the major contributors to inflammation in the body from diet? Grains and sugar are usually the main contributors.

If you are looking for the 80% in the 80/20 equation then it is this ;

Eliminate grains and refined sugar

This is the 80% for most people.  They are the big ticket items. It is the thing that can help many people lose weight, clear up irritable bowl syndrome, reduce or clear allergies and sinus infections and possibly help reduce gout and arthritis. In practice this means ;

No bread of any sort including rye, sourdough, ancient grains and gluten free substitute breads or muffins. None. Nadda. Not even one slice of Rye toast with your free range organic poached eggs.

No pasta made from wheat and eventually none made from gluten fee substitutes.

No biscuits or rusks or cake.

No boxed cereals or muesli including the wheat free oat kind. Oats are a grain fed to cows to fatten them up. Enough said.

Rice is a grain but it is ok for most people so eat rice if you need additional carbohydrates.

For many people that dairy allergy they thought they had disappears once they are off the grains. Once the gut has been able to repair itself (could take months or years) it maybe possible for some grains to be reintroduced.

The idea behind diet as a verb, or way of eating, is because food should not be about short term fixes. It is not about labels and selling books. The moment we try and belong to a diet “camp” like Vegan, Paleo, Raw or LCHF we create stress by trying to conform to an idea. The stress can come from two sources – trying to conform to the stated ideal and from eating in a idealistic way that may not align with what our bodies actually need.

Lets make 2014 about reading food labels and learning about what actually goes into our mouths and not about diet labels and marketing.